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Volume 2 - Winter 2003
Pets on Wheels is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing companionship to patients of nursing homes and hospitals.



 would like to thank each volunteer for his or her time and dedication to the Charles County Pets-on-Wheels program.  Please note that you can contact me via e-mail or through the Pets-on-Wheels HOT LINE 301-392-0155.

My e-mail address is:  You can also get updated information from the Web Site at:

Make a note of these dates!


he second  Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM is when we hold our POW Board Meetings at Genesis.  All POW members are welcome to attend.  Immediately following, we conduct our monthly Pet Screening.  The third Thursday of each month, I have scheduled a Pet Parade at one of the facilities that we visit.  Check the schedule (attached or at the Web Site) to determine the facility that we visit for any particular month.  The fourth Monday of each month, we visit RICA.  RICA is a residential placement for troubled youth.  Anyone interested in visiting can contact Mike at 301-392-0155.  Periodically POW has special daytime visits.  These are also listed on the schedule.  Tuesday, March 18th, Volunteers are needed to run BINGO at the Jaycees Hall. Our annual fund-raiser will be held on Saturday, April 19th from 9:00AM – 1:00PM at the La Plata Wal-Mart.  Remember to check the Pets-on-Wheels Web Site or call me to confirm all upcoming events (301-392-0155).


We would like to welcome new volunteers and thank them in advance for their service. At the January screening, we welcomed six new/returning members. “Maggie” is three-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and is the proud companion of Janet and Pat Fulcher.

Janet has recently retired from the Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.  I am willing to bet that Janet doesn’t miss the daily commute from Mechanicsville to Fort Belvoir any more than she missed the commute when DLA’s Headquarters was at Cameron Station.

Pat is a Blacksmith and in addition to shoeing horses, creates works of art out of iron. 

Dave and Kathy Romero referred Janet and Pat to Pets-on-Wheels while Pat was shoeing Dave’s horses.

“Maggie” will be visiting Charles County Nursing Home in La Plata.

Also at the January screening, “Lulie”, “Panche” and “Necca” were re-screened.  These Cavalier King Charles Spaniels will be returning to Pets-on-Wheels along with their handler Dawn Camp.  Genesis will continue to enjoy their company.

Last, but not least, “Bailey” and “Natasha”, Red/Rust Dobermans that are handled by Peggy Boss were re-screened.  “Bailey” and “Natasha” will be visiting Charles County Nursing Home.

At the February screening, we welcomed “four” new members.  They were:

“Kippy” is a three year old, twenty-two pound, Jack Russell/Beagle mix who is the proud companion of Jill Bikowski.  Jill and her husband Don reside in Issue, Maryland and Jill works for the U.S. Department of H.U.D. downtown DC. 

“Kippy” and Jill will be visiting the Waldorf Healthcare Center.

“Wee Little” is a two-year-old Terrier who is a bundle of joy (and a lot to handle) for Cynthia Goad.  “Wee Little” and Cynthia will be visiting the Waldorf Healthcare Center.  Cynthia and her husband Scott reside in La Plata and Cynthia works in La Plata for the Department of Social Services.  Rough commute Cynthia!

“Jack” a 137-pound, 8-year-old Doberman/ Rottweiler mix joins us along with his owner Charles Morrison, Jr.  “Jack” and Chuck will be visiting Charlotte Hall where he has done other volunteer work for many years.  Charles and his wife Starley reside in La Plata.

“Bridgett” is a one-year-old, 12-pound, Cookopoo who joins us along with her owner Cheryl Moore.  Cheryl and her husband Mike, both work for the Prince George Board Of Education.  “Bridgett” and Cheryl will continue to visit Charlotte Hall where she has been volunteering with her son.  “Bridgett” and family reside in Mechanicsville.



t is that time of year again for the PETS-ON-WHEELS annual fund-raiser.  It will be held on Saturday, April 19th in front of the La Plata Wal-Mart on Route 301 from 9:00AM – 1:00PM.  All volunteers are asked to attend with their pet.  We have a bake sale in which each volunteer needs to bring individually wrapped goodies to sell.  We also ask each volunteer to try and collect a minimum of a $25 donation from your friends and family.  All collections should be brought to the fund-raiser.  Checks can be made payable to Pets-On-Wheels and are tax-deductible.


During the December 3rd, 2002 Pets-on-Wheels Board Meeting, the Board Members and guests bid a sad farewell to Heather, her three dogs, three cats, and her two children; Alex and Alexis and of course Mohamed who had already departed for sunny California.  After six years of providing leadership to the organization, Heather relinquished the Director’s position to Mike Capps.  In addition to the farewell cake, the attendees presented Heather with several mementos.  The theme of the gift giving was a gift that she could use while traveling across the states.  She received several “books on tape”, crossword puzzles, bubble bath, card games, car games, gift certificates and much more.

One of the primary concerns that Heather had prior to leaving was what would happen to the Charles County Chapter of Pets-on-Wheels after she left.  I assured her that while she is gone; we will work together as a team to keep the organization going.

For those wanting to add Heather to your Christmas card list, her mailing address is: Heather Abul-Hawa, 676 Ascot Place, Brentwood, California, 94513.  Heather’s telephone number is:  (925) 516-4102.  (Heather’s Long Distance carrier is AT&T – so those of you who also use AT&T can call her toll-free.)  Heather’s new e-mail address is:   I am sure that she would love to hear from you.


(Dave Romero has agreed to write this portion of the newsletter in future issues.  In the this issue, I would like to use this space to tell you a little about the Capps’ family.)

“Lola” has been a volunteer with Pets-on-Wheels since December 2001.  During one of the obedient classes being taught by Diana Miller-Blandford, Diana introduced us to Pets-on-Wheels.  As Aurora had not completed her mandatory community service, we contacted Heather (and her school counselor) to determine if Pets-on-Wheels would qualify.  The agreement with Heather was that after Aurora fizzles out, Mike would take over.  Aurora is now a freshman at the Community College of Southern Maryland and would like to transfer to Salisbury next year.  Aurora also works part-time at Long Horn.

“Lola’s” primary care provider for feeding and grooming is Yoshiko.  Yoshiko visits Genesis whenever her schedule allows.  Yoshiko is Manager of Whitehall Jewelry.

                The Capps’ oldest daughter is Andrea.  Andrea graduated from McDonough High School and has a degree from the University of Maryland College Park.  Andrea is 27 and is single.  She purchased her own house off of Wakefield Circle in Pine Field in July 2000.  Andrea is Manager of Whitehall Jewelry in Arundal Mills.  (Seems to be a theme here!)

                “Lola’s” best friend and vice versa is Mike.  Mike retired from the Army in 1989 after twenty-two years of service in Washington DC, Augusta GA, Fort Ord CA, Camp Drake Japan, Taegu Korea, Okinawa Japan, and Clark Air Base Philippines.  Mike met Yoshiko while assigned in Japan and has been happily married for 32 years.  After retiring from the Army, Mike worked as a Defense Contractor for the Navy in Cheltenham until the base closed and them moved to the Washington Navy Yard.  In January 1998, Mike joined the Pentagon Renovation Project and works on the Voice Switch Team (VST).  The VST has responsibility for transitioning twenty-two telephone switches within the Pentagon to their renovated location.

“Lola” and the Capps family look forward to their regular visits to Genesis and especially to the Pet Parades.


(You can view additional photos of Pet Parades by clicking on Photo Gallery at the top of the page).


December 10th marked our annual Christmas Pet Parade at the Waldorf Healthcare Center.  In addition to more than twelve of our pets, volunteers and Santa, Sara Taylor a reporter with the Maryland Independent was at the event with her photographer – Gary Smith.  The Maryland Independent wrote a feature article on Heather and the six years she spent with the organization.  The article appeared in the Friday the 13th edition of the paper. 

Charles County Nursing Home and Rehab PET PARADE

The Charles County Pets-on-Wheels had a good showing at the Pet Parade held at the Charles County Nursing Home and Rehab Center on February 13th.  The theme was Valentine’s Day and most of our pets were dressed for the occasion.  Hope to see you at the next Pet Parade scheduled for March 20th at 6:30 PM at the Waldorf Healthcare Center.

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