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Steps to Becoming a Pets on Wheels Volunteer
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1. Fill out the Volunteer Application Form and have your Veterinarian complete the attached Pet Health Certificate.

2. Orientation and Pet Screening: Held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Genesis Elder Care, 1 Magnolia Drive, La Plata, Maryland and on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Bayside Care Center, 21412 Great Mills Road, Lexington Park, Maryland. Pet screenings are held at 6:30 PM and are provided FREE of charge. We include a temperament test for your pet and provide guidelines for visiting in a nursing home. You should have your health certificate and volunteer applications completed and bring them to orientation with you.

3. Have your pet checked by your veterinarian. Be sure that the distemper and rabies inoculations are current and that a fecal test (stool sample checked for internal parasites) has been done within the past year. This form MUST be completed before your pet can go into the nursing home.

4. Pick the facility you would like to visit. If you are flexible about where you would like to visit, check the list to see which nursing homes need visitation the most. Otherwise, choose the nursing home closest to your home. You can visit any day of the week during visiting hours (usually 11 AM and 8 PM).

5. We will call you and arrange your first visit with the mentor of the particular facility so you can decide if you like the nursing home and if you can deal with the problems of visiting frail elderly people. Do not bring your pet on your first visit. If you decide it is the facility you would like to visit on a regular basis, your second visit will be with the mentor, you and your pet.

6. Remember that we may be able to find another type of placement for you if you feel you cannot visit a nursing home. If you cannot visit, perhaps you can participate in some of our other activities.

7. Once you become a volunteer, the mentor of your facility will contact you on a monthly basis to record the total hours you visited that month. It is important that you use the sign in/out log at your facility each time you visit.

8. Do not hesitate to call Michael Capps, Program Director, Michael Capps (301) 392-0155 or your facility mentor any time that you have a problem or a question.

Download the Free Adobe PDF Acrobat Reader